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Kinser Pike

From Bloomingpedia

Kinser Pike is a north/south road on the north side of Bloomington. It runs (south to north) from 17th Street on the near west side for just under four and a half miles to Bottom Road. It crosses The Bypass one-half of a mile north of 17th street. Continuing north, it passes the Upper Cascades skate park on its right.

Hitting a long straightaway, heading north, Fritz Terrace is on the west side of the road, and Cascades Golf Course is on the east. As it turns west to loop around Fritz Terrace, Kinser passes Club House Drive, which leads to the clubhouse of the golf course, Upper Cascades Park, and to the Lower Cascades. The road soon turns north again, but if a driver continues west, they will drive into the campus of Bloomington High School North.

North of BHSN, Kinser passes Acuff Road, heading west to Meadows Hospital and SR 37, and Bayles Road, heading east down the escarpment of the Cascades to Business 37/Walnut Street. Kinser itself finally crosses 37 just under 1.5 miles north of BHSN. Continuing north, now on the west side of the highway, it glides down a ridge, crosses Beanblossom Creek, and ends at Bottom Road, just west of 37.