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Leonard Springs Nature Park

From Bloomingpedia

Leonard Springs Nature Park is a beautiful and historic park on the southwest side of Bloomington. Comprising 85 acres, the land includes caves, springs, streams, a wetland, and much wildlife. It includes the Leonard Springs Trail as well.

The land was acquired by the city sometime around 1915 for use as a reservoir, the city being chronically short of water. A dam was built and a large reservoir created, but the underlying Limestone was unable to hold the water sufficiently. Mayor John Harris planned to expand the reservoir, but Indiana University, which was forced to ship water in by train, wanted a new water works on the north side. A political battle ensued, and IU threatened relocating away from Bloomington. In 1924 the university got its way and Griffy Lake was created.

Leonard Springs continued as a water source until the 1940's, when it was abandoned. In 1943 the dam was breached in high water.

In 1999 the park was opened.