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Local Art Action Incorporated

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Local Art Action Incorporated is a nonprofit corporation based in Bloomington, Indiana that raises funds for the Bethesda orphanage in Kinshasa,Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa through benefit events which promote local art and music.

Humanitarian Mission

LAAI was formed in August 2005 to answer concerns about the living situations internationally of children orphaned by disease, war and civil unrest. Their stated goal is to provide children left on the street a chance at a healthy, structured, educated and happy life. This is accomplished by providing direct monetary and material support to specific orphanages as well as by working with existing public benefit operations which contribute to orphanages. LAAI's charitable contributions feed the children, protect their health and saftly, and ensure the orphanage is supplied household products. LAAI determines what is most needed and plans fundraising efforts accordingly. By providing the community easy, entertaining and affordable means of philanthropy, LAAI's events spread awareness of the importance of community involvement in international issues.

Arts and Music Promotion

Local Art Action Incorporated seeks to blur the line between art and social activism. They exist to support artists who want to explore art's power to shape public consciousness and to transform creative expression into proactive solutions to real social crises. They claim that "through individual donations of artworks and participation in collaborative projects artists will have a voice in the community."


January 27th, 2006: LAAI's début event, PERFORMANCE/ACTION, featured short plays from the Bloomington Playwrights Project, experimental music and spontaneous performance art by Puppy vs. Dyslexia, improvisational music with visual accompaniment by RCBNNN, the experimental offspring of post-hardcore band racebannon, and was hosted by local MC's Dr. Calamari & Baron Mardis of Atomic Age Cinema at The Cinemat. In collaboration with Fuller Projects.

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