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Megan James

From Bloomingpedia

Megan James (b. 1968) came to Bloomington in the early 1990s originally to work as a dental hygienist, but she also found time to form the percussion group Drumtantrum, lend her hand percussion skills to local musicians, get involved with WFHB (hosting the Electronic/Ambient/Industrial music show Succubus Mix in the late 1990s), and generally fully partake of the many opportunities Bloomington offers the young and creative. Prior to the move to Bloomington, she grew up on a dairy farm and worked as an EMT, a draftperson for an architecture firm, and for a company that organized and oversaw school trips to Canada (especially Quebec City and Montreal). She attended Vermont Technical College and also took classes at Dartmouth while working there.

She married WFHB DJ Stephen Charlesworth in 1998 and currently works for Cook Group in Bloomington on Compliance and Privacy.

Six Degrees of Charles Bronson

Fun fact: while living in Vermont, Megan was given the finger by a jogging Charles Bronson, yelled at by Charles Bronson at a restaurant where she worked, and accidentally stepped on Charles Bronson's foot in a video store (and got only a dirty look for this offense).