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Stephen Charlesworth

From Bloomingpedia

Stephen Charlesworth (b. February 24, 1970) came to Bloomington originally in 1994 to work on a Ph.D. in Mathematics. He dropped out after one lackluster semester in which the biggest thing he learned was that he did not like math enough to put up with that. He got involved with WFHB starting in 1994 and did a show there with his sister Carrie from '94-'96. He worked at NSA Crane from 1995-1996, which directly led to his '96 departure from Bloomington. He continued to visit the town frequently, was in the 'Beat Party' rotation at WFHB from 2000-2003, and finally moved back in 2005 to work for Cook Incorporated as a Business Intelligence person and serving to a lesser extent as a DBA. He's married to the former Megan James, whom he met at WFHB, and has a daughter.

Stephen is an avid runner and participated in the 2006 IU Mini Marathon and many other races, including several Indianapolis Mini-Marathons and the Chicago Marathon.

In recent years Stephen has become involved in the Bloomington Geek Community, attending Geek Dinners and Ignite! Events, and gave a talk about the Arduino at Bloomington Ignite! 2. He is also one of the founders Bloominglabs, the Bloomington hackerspace, and was involved with and a big advocate and supporter of The Collaboration Room.

Steve is a nano-celebrity on Twitter [1] under the name SoundSystemSDC. He also Tweets on behalf of Bloominglabs and the beloved Charlesworth family rat terrier, Ada. [2] He blogs extremely sporadically in 'Words Of Advice For Young People'. [3]