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SR 48

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Indiana State Road 48 is a highway on Bloomington's far west side and in west central Monroe County.

Beginning/Whitehall Crossing

State Road 48's eastern terminus is at 3rd Street's interchange with SR 37 on the west side of town. It travels west from here, past the southern entrance to Whitehall Crossing and its surrounding stores, and past Liberty Drive and Curry Pike.

Daniels Way/Airport

After Profile Parkway and Park Square Drive, SR 48 passes Daniels Way which travels north of the highway for half a mile, passing through Park 48, which houses facilities for Baxter, Pain Enterprises, Tasus Corporation, BioConvergence LLC, the main Bloomington campus for Ivy Tech Community College, and at the very end of the road, the world headquarters of Cook.

West of Daniels Way, SR 48 meets Kirby Road leading south towards the main entrance to the Monroe County airport and the Monroe County Fairgrounds. Also at this intersection is Hartstrait Road, which leads north towards Ellettsville and SR 46.

To the county line/SR 43

West of the airport, SR 48 meets Oard Road, which leads north towards Vernal Pike, Thomas Road, and Ellettsville, Garrison Chapel Road, which travels south towards SR 45, and Vernal Pike, which ends its westward trek through Monroe County at 48.

Barely one mile after meeting Vernal, having not made it over the county line, SR 48 ends at State Road 43. SR 43 travels north to SR 46 and McCormick's Creek State Park and south to SR 45 and the town of Solsberry in eastern Greene County.

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