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There is quite a variety of cars around Bloomington. On the high end you might see a Ferrari or Lotus. All the way down to a rusty Oldsmobile. The salt used on roads in Indiana and rough winters make keeping cars looking nice kinda difficult. This page attempts to document some of the cars you would see around Bloomington as of 2006. With the students, there can be cars from all over the country as well as people who can afford to bring high end cars to school like a Hummer H3. One could probably get some statistics from the DMV on what the most common cars registered in Bloomington are.

Exotic cars spotted around Bloomington

  • As of 2013, at least two different (one red and one white) recent model Maserati have been seen on Bloomington's east side.
  • Lamborghini Murcielago, driving on SR 46 heading east.
  • Ferrari 360 Modena (red), parked at a house in Woodgate subdivision in 2007
  • Acura NSX (red)
  • Ferrari 308 (white)
  • Lotus Elise 2006 (red) with a little damage to the rear body above the bumper
  • Lotus Elise 2005 (silver), owned by some guy living in Hoosier Acres who also owns an airplane.

Unique cars

  • Old Ford delivery truck from middle of 20th century in good condition (red)
  • Modern Volkswagen Beetle with the features of a mid-20th century car like wood paneling.
Modern Beetle with old features
  • 1980s Pontiac covered with Aluminum Foil.
    Someone couldn't afford a DeLorean

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