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Hensonburg was a small community located at roughly the intersection of Vernal Pike and SR 37. It had a school, meat-packing plant and quarry, and was reportedly one of the first areas in Monroe County to be settled by African-Americans.

A historic relic of the community is the Hensonburg House at 2102 W. Vernal Pike. The Victorian Queen Anne farmhouse was built between 1890 and 1900 by John and Anna Buzzard, and was owned by the Cirgin family from 1929 to 1971.

in 2004 the Galligan family bought the house from Bloomington Restorations.

Hensonburg Elementary School

The Hensonburg Elementary School building still sits on the corner of Vernal Pike and Lemon Lane. The two-story, four-room brick structure was built in 1930, replacing a small wooden two-room building from 1915 when it burned down. Marshall Lutes was the principal there from 1948 until its closure in 1969. Serving one of Bloomington's poorest neighborhoods, the school had no indoor plumbing or lunch programs.

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