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Victor Pike

From Bloomingpedia

Victor Pike is a northeast-southwest road on Bloomington's far southwest side and in southwestern Monroe County. It links Indian Creek Township with SR 37 and Bloomington via Clear Creek.

Monroe County (Indian Creek Township)

Victor Pike's southern terminus is at Rockport Road, approxamately 4 miles southwest of SR 37's meeting with Walnut Street. As with all the land surrounding Bloomington, Indian Creek Township is fairly hilly with some flat areas thrown in. Victor Pike runs roughly paralell to Clear Creek (the stream, not town) for its rural route. It passes Milton Road, Fluck Mill Road (which leads to Ketcham Road), and Tramway Road before leaving the wooded hills and meeting Dillman Road, which leads east to SR 37, Walnut Street, and Fairfax Road.

State Road 37 and Clear Creek

Approximately one mile north of the 3-way intersection with Dillman Road, Victor Pike meets SR 37 at a 4-way crossroads. Not very far south is 37's southern meeting with Walnut Street and Old State Road 37. There is a Sunoco gas station just north of 37 off Victor Pike as well as a nearby cluster of homes. When the new Interstate 69 is one day built in southern Indiana, 69 will leave SR 37 for its new-terrain route just north of the meeting with Victor Pike.

Passing Church Lane, which leads east to the Bloomington Rail Trail, Rogers Street, and the Clear Creek Cemetery, Victor continues northeast into the westside of the small town of Clear Creek, more or less a suburb to Bloomington. It passes more houses and the city's Clear Creek Trail before coming to a stop at That Road, which leads west back to 37 and east to Rogers Street and the center of Clear Creek. Eagleview Drive continues north of That Road from this intersection.