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2nd Street

From Bloomingpedia

2nd Street is a generally east-west road running through Bloomington. It runs in front of Bloomington Hospital and is a major road to the west of that location, curving to the south to cross over SR 37 and eventually becoming Bloomfield Road and SR 45, heading towards Bloomfield.

East of the hospital, 2nd Street crosses through the middle of town, with lights at College Avenue and Walnut Street, and several stop signs. South of campus, the road becomes fairly small with parking on both sides, and contains mostly student housing. At one point the road jumps about 30 feet south, so to follow it a driver must make a quick right and then left turn. Passing through an additional stoplight on High Street takes the driver past Evangelical Community Church, and Binford Elementary and Summit Elementary schools, and the road ends at College Mall Road.