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Morey M. Dunlap

From Bloomingpedia

Morey McKee Dunlap, (b 1860-d 1911), Born in Hopewell, Johnson, Indiana, USA on 7 Jul 1860 to James Alta Dunlap and Elizabeth Johnston, Morey Dunlap became the Republican mayor of Bloomington from 1887-1891. He later moved to Anderson, Indiana and became mayor of Anderson from 1894-1901.

Mr. Dunlap was known as a great orator and continued to give speeches even after his career in politics was over, including his famous "Democracy Not a Calamity"speech.

Educated at Hopewell Academy, near Franklin, Indiana. Degree, B. L. Occupation, lawyer. In the spring of 1885, represented Indiana University in the Inter-Collegiate oratorical contest, in Indianapolis, ranking second in honors. On November 10, 1885, he was married to Miss Minnie V. Davis (b 1864-d 1948), of Bloomington and they had one child: Alan Adair Dunlap in 1890. Alan passed in 1970 in Bloomington at the age of 80.

In 1885, Dunlap and wife Minnie left Bloomington for Steubenville, Ohio to make that their future home. There, Mr. Dunlap formed a partnership with a well known law firm. Perhaps homesick, Dunlap and his wife Minnie returned to Bloomington. On May 3, 1887, he was elected mayor.

After his term as mayor, Dunlap decided to remain in Bloomington, and became a member of the new law firm composed of Philip K. Buskirk, Ed. C. Fitch and M. M. Dunlap. The new law firm will occupied the centrally located office just south of the then First National Bank, on College Avenue. This was short-lived and Morey and Minnie soon moved to Anderson, IN where he set up law offices at 426 W. Twelfth St. Not long after, Morey became mayor of Anderson, IN.

Morey Dunlap died in 1911 while in Denver, Colorado.


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