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Bloomington has its foundation in providing strong educational resources.

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The Bloomington Playwrights Project is a successful not-for-profit arts organization dedicated to the furthering of new original plays and theatre. They produce original shows, hold playwriting contests and act as a resource for the entire community by offering innovative programs and classes. Over time the BPP has surmounted financial challenges through generous donations from friendly community and corporate sponsors. They enlist help from enthusiastic volunteers. At times dramatic, mysterious, comic or heartwarming, the BPP continues to grow and delight audiences with its original, innovative, educational and thoroughly enjoyable theatrical endeavors.

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Image of The Waldron Arts Center

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Classes were being taught as far back as 1818. Originally based in the log courthouse, the teacher was possibily Addison Smith. The next summer a log schoolhouse was built not far from where the County Female Seminary later stood. A few years later, there was another log schoolhouse and a new brick school as well.

In 1863 a high school was established with principal D.E. Hunter, with classes taking place in an old tannery, and later the Center Schoolhouse, a frame building on 7th Street between Lincoln Street and Grant Street, was started. In 1875 the tannery was replaced by a new high school.

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